On Wednesday I finally went to the theater to see Boyhood, I hadn’t expected it to be so long but what do you expect from such a brilliant film? I love the fact that how it doesn’t have the typical ‘shown through the years’ movie where it has some sort of type like ‘Three years later’. Just the development of how this was filmed for 12 years with no release date and the same people playing the characters is amazing. It shows the ability of filming can go beyond ordinary. Excited to see what the sequel will hold. 

Last year about this month I was off at UM army, a week full of mission work. One of the surprises they had was Steve performing live. I had heard of his name before from other friends that went to Edge Camp, which he had performed live there as well. Anyway in the beginning of the week, this girl in my group-now a friend and leader that I look up to and and can always rely on- started playing Steve’s songs. It was the first time I heard them because back then I had missed out on Edge Camp and was angry so I put off anything related to it. I’m missing out of UM Army this year because my mum is making me do a SAT prep camp at school. I don’t want to be become like last year, getting all angry and sad. I knew that He would put a fork in the path for reasons I will know soon in the future, so for right now I’m making sure everyone who went is safe, having fun and that something might have impacted or changed them in some form. This is just one of the many brilliant songs of Steve Moakler, so I suggest you check the rest out too. His wife, Gracie makes Jewelry that supports women, you can find them here at http://www.miriam-designs.com/ 

*I tried to make this post not too religious due to other people’s views and opinions on tumblr. 

Something New

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but haven’t really found the right time to, so here I am ready to start posting on my tumblr. I would like to propose this new idea of mine. Ideally I would like to start some sort of review for not just books but also movies and music. I sort of realized this when I started watching movies a lot and saw what my friends listened to. Ever since I introduced one of my very close friends to Spotify, I’ve noticed that the kind of music I listened to and put on playlists has influenced her own choice of music. Mostly everyone wants to change the world and that was me when I was little too but as I grew older I realised that I wasn’t doing much to make my ‘dream’ to come true. Oh gosh this is starting to sound cliché but I’m saying it now, if I am to start I must find a beginning and just go. Starting Mondays, I would like to post a song and something meaningful about it. On Friday it would be movies and honestly I don’t really know what day to do books on or maybe I should start with just two. I don’t want to get ahead of my self so I’m just going to start Monday and see how it goes. Excited to start on this new project! Thank you for reading.